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Recycling Issues Face Forest City

Mason City Recycling has notified their clients that they were temporarily not accepting plastic or glass for recycling purposes. Market conditions are dictating the action, and this is leaving the Forest City Council with some decisions to make. They do not want the citizens of the city to stop recycling according to City Administrator Daisy Huffman.

The city has begun to explore options on what to do with recyclable items like plastic or glass. Currently, the city has to adjust how it disposes of these items according to Huffman.

Huffman states that presently, the way that recycling is handled now actually benefits the residents because they don’t have to use as many of the mandated blue garbage bags to dispose of trash.

The city council has decided to take a wait and see approach as they explore the possibility of partnerships with other nearby cities to haul the recyclables to centers in larger metropolitan areas or find other options.






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