Childcare Funding Part of a Modernization Program

Area cities are coping with two large issues, affordable housing and childcare. At the Forest City YMCA, there is a waiting list. Private daycare programs are also at capacity. Along with it comes the cost for childcare which in some cases is steadily increasing.

Iowa Congresswoman, Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Marion, is co-sponsoring legislation to reauthorize and modernize the bipartisan Childcare and Development Block Grant, or CDBG program. It sends federal dollars to states to help them with childcare access. Hinson says the legislation will expand family eligibility.

She says increasing the affordability of care for more working parents is important. Hinson says the update would give states more options.

She says there’s another component that could help local providers.

Hinson says the lack of childcare disproportionately impacts Iowa’s rural areas such as northern Iowa where the need locally is great.


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