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Silent Night in Algona Coming to Forest City

The history of the World War II includes northern Iowa. In Algona, there was a prisoner of war camp whose story runs deep into the fabric of the area. Movie producers wanted to capture this in a movie which will be shown in Algona and in Forest City at the Forest Theater.

The production is a character study that takes the viewer inside the dynamics of Algona from September thru December of 1944 during World War II. The movie had been on the minds of the producers for some time according to Forest City’s Jim Brockhohn who appears in the movie as Uncle Joe.

Those who attend the showings may see some more familiar faces from around the area.

Those who have been to Heritage Park will recognize integral parts of the sets used in the making of the film.

According to Brockhohn, there was a tremendous amount of work put into the attention to detail from uniforms to cars.

While all of this sounds like it is a local production, think again stated Brockhohn.

The movie stars Curran Jacobs, Bodhi Rader, Samuel Peterson and Cassie Dean. It will show in Forest City beginning Friday.








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