Possible Rail Strike May Have Local Impacts

Congress has been busy trying to come up with a solution to railroad labor issues and avoiding a national rail strike. How this will affect the local economy will not be in movement of area harvested grain according to Forest City Farmers Coop Director Randy Broesder.

Movement across the area will remain stable, but it is the grains that are traveling across several states that will be impacted.

That is not completely the case for farmers looking for goods coming in, however. According to Broesder, since the area is pretty well done with fertilizers, supply is good for now.

Does this mean that if there is a strike that applicators would be affected?

Area farmers and coops are watching the situation closely to see what may happen in the near future ahead of the planting preparation season next year. If there is a rail strike, it could return the area into a future supply chain issue.





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