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Forest City YMCA Asks the City Council for Funding

The Forest City Council was recently approached about helping to fund the childcare activities at the Forest City YMCA. According to the Forest City YMCA Director Bruce Mielke, his childcare program is vital to the city and its population.

Mielke explained to the council that his programs are just like any other business. It requires people and money to operate and succeed. In his case, the need is growing rapidly.

Mielke explained that the YMCA can continue to operate at a high level as long as there are charitable contributions to make it work.

Recently both the federal and state governments have contributed to the growth of childcare. Mielke state that the Forest City YMCA has partially benefitted from that.

He also expressed that there are a number of parents and soon to be parents who know what lies ahead, hence there is a waiting list.

Area employment numbers continue to grow, especially in the manufacturing industry. Many stay-at-home mothers and fathers now see a need to return to the workforce. Mielke believes that quality daycare should become available to these parents.

Mielke’s funding request for $25,000 was approved by the council which will go for operational needs in the daycare program.



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