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Worth County Board Discusses EMS Services

The Worth County Board of Supervisors met on Monday to discuss the future of Forest City Ambulance services in their county. Recently, voters in Winnebago County voted in an increase in property taxes and a 1% personal income surtax to help pay for volunteers and equipment that is needed by the three services. However, the Forest City Ambulance Service is not just limited to Winnebago County.

Worth County Supervisor A. J. Stone explained that he has had contact with emergency services in Winnebago County.

The Forest City Ambulance Service responds to areas inside Worth County adjacent to Winnebago County. The calls are few and far between, but they do provide better coverage and faster response times due to distance from other Worth County ambulance services. Stone thinks that the county should not have to bear the brunt of the funding burden.

With the budgeting processes starting shortly, Stone believes there needs to be clarity on where the money should be coming from.




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