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Winnebago Board Initiates EMS Funding Organization

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors certified the results of the most recent election where funding for three private non -profit Emergency Medical Service agencies will receive tax dollars in Winnebago County. The money will derive from property tax levy collections and a 1% personal income surtax.

The question before the board is how the money will be managed. The supervisors discussed several ways to accomplish this, but ultimately forwarded the idea that there must be a controlling legal authority monitoring and dispersing the monies. This requires the formation of a committee made up of city officials, representatives from the three EMS services in the county, and a county supervisor. Winnebago County Supervisor Terry Durby explains.

The committee needs oversight according to supervisors. This is so that recommendations could be vetted and brought down to greatest needs. This would require the formation of an EMS Council made up of ordinary citizens who have to be taxpaying residents of the county. This gives Winnebago County residential taxpayers a say in how their money is spent. These would be appointed positions and it is easy to apply for nomination according to Durby.


Staffing and equipment issues are currently the biggest issues facing the non-profit EMS agencies in the county. With taxpayer help, the services would dramatically improve according to the supervisors and the agencies. That is why they are looking to the public for help and Durby believes the right people are out there in the county.

Those who are interested in helping this county wide effort should call the Winnebago County Auditor’s Office at (641) 585-1073.






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