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Election ’22: Oswald Opens Up About Her Qualifications in County Office

Kris Oswald is the Winnebago County Drainage Clerk and has been at the job for years. She has seen a number of situations that require anything from a simple clean out to major repair. The work is detailed. 

Most of the work involves engineers, contractors, and farmers who need help keeping their farms from flooding. She begins with the engineers.

Oswald has to follow a specific set of guidelines and laws regarding drainage work.

Contractors who work on the projects say they respect her honesty and professionalism. She, and those who work around her daily, note that she is qualified resource for information. She does however, go over each and every project as thoroughly as possible for the benefit of the taxpayer and landowners involved.

Oswald is looking to become the new Winnebago County Recorder. Being very familiar and good friends with the employees in the Recorder’s Office, she wants to take the same efficiency into that office that she currently has in hers.  


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