Eden Finds Priscilla Role Challenging in Spy School

North Iowa High School will be the site of some very suspicious activity on stage coming November 4th and 5th. The theater department will stage the show Spy School and it involves actors using various dialects, accents, and timed humor. The plot calls for an uncover family to try and fit into society.

Katie Eden is one of the actors onstage and plays Priscilla. She is the typical stereotype of what people think happens in every school.

Eden takes the role in stride but does find challenges in the role.

For her, the role is the exact opposite of who she really is. This asks her to temporarily change her mannerisms, attitude, and standards.

She draws inspiration from watching other actors try to accomplish the same transformation.

She believes that she is accomplishing the transformation but wants to add more to it to make the character her own.



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