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Operation Harvest Hope in Progress Locally

Farmers in the area now have a chance to help out in the fight against hunger. Area farmer and historian Riley Lewis explained how the program started.

Area yields are supporting the program because of the amount being harvested according to Lewis.

Lewis contacted area food banks to get a feel for how things were going. He stated the banks were seeing their costs rise across the board and to make matters worse, so were the number of people who were coming to the food banks for help.

That increase is reflective statewide as food banks are suffering from a prohibitive economy.

If you take the typical family of four and multiply it times 232, it will mean 928 mouths to feed. Winnebago County has a population of 10,354 which means that 9% of its population would need the food banks, and that number is growing quickly.

Area farmers are encouraged to contact their local coop for more information or to get involved.





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