HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Football playoff and week-9 matchups

The regular season has concluded for Iowa’s smallest football classes. Class 2A, 1A, A, and 8-player finished their eight-game regular seasons on Friday night. Now, the top four teams in each district will head for the playoffs, while everyone else will either end their season or play a week-9 regular season game. The matchups for both playoff games and week-9 games have been announced.


10/21/2022 #1 (1-seed) West Hancock at home vs. Nashua-Plainfield (4-seed)  – 7:00 PM

Broadcast options: West Hancock Live Stream, KIOW (107.3), KHAM (103.1)

Week-9 Regular Season Games

THURSDAY* 10/20/2022 Forest City 2-6 vs. Okoboji 1-7 – 7:00 PM

Broadcast options: Forest City Live Stream, KIOW (107.3)

10/21/2022 – GHV 0-8 at Oelwein 1-7 – 7:00 PM

Broadcast options: GHV Live Stream

10/21/2022 – Lake Mills 1-7  vs. Belmond-Klemme 0-8 – 7:00 PM

Broadcast options: Lake Mills Live Stream

North Iowa – No game, the season has ended.


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