North Iowa Outdoors: Fall Color Show at its Peak in Northern Iowa

This year’s fall weather has been ideal for generating vibrant colors.

The forested valleys in northeast Iowa are full of colors. Colors are really popping in north central and northwest Iowa.

Get out and enjoy the excellent fall colors in central Iowa. Oaks are starting to show red colors mixing in with green leaves.

Elm, walnut, ash, hickory, cottonwood, and hackberry are turning yellow in southeast Iowa. Ash and dogwood are showing some purple.

Much of the landscape is still green in south central Iowa. Sumacs, Virginia creeper and ivy vines are bright red.

Reds will likely completely disappear early this week in west central and southwest Iowa. Expect a lot of yellow this week into next in the Loess Hills and the Missouri River bottom.

Enjoy the beauty of the fall landscape and spectacular scenery this weekend.

Iowa’s forests are unique, hidden gems in a land of farm fields and grasslands. Some of the most beautiful forests in the Midwest are found in Iowa.

Goods that come from our forests make our lives easier and more comfortable. They give us paper, wood for our homes, fuel for our fires, and countless other wood products.

Here’s some fun options for you and your family to celebrate Iowa forests this fall.


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