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Winnebago Road Department Plans Ahead to Avert Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are causing problems in a number of different areas. One of those is in automotive and truck parts. The Winnebago County Secondary Roads Department is already feeling the sting of the issue but is being proactive when it comes to ordering parts. Realizing this, Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders is being proactive.

Meinders believes that by handling the problem in this manner, his department will not have to wait for an extensive period of time.

The resolution which authorizes the purchases will mean that the department will have the equipment when the next fiscal budget is in effect. It will also mean that the department can begin to make repairs to trucks when the equipment arrives. Meinders explained to the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors that this will fit in the future budget.

The board approved the advanced purchases.




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