Titonka Library to Host Iowa Marsh Birds Presentation

Area wetlands are home to some very interesting wildlife including a wide variety of marsh birds. Some you actually never see because they camouflage themselves extremely well. Titonka native and wildlife researcher Tyler Harms wants to help educate interested individuals about our unseen neighbors.

The event will be Friday at 6pm in the Titonka Library. The presentation will serve a couple of purposes according to Harms.

Part of the reason why researchers are looking at these birds is because of the answers they hold that tell us about our area wetlands.

Naturalists and ecologists point out that wetlands serve a vital purpose in our ecological system, but that in some cases, these areas are shrinking due to water loss or other natural or man-made forces. Does this mean that these birds can give us an idea about dwindling marshes in the area?

Harms explained that this will give young and old alike the chance to learn how spot these birds and how they benefit the local ecosystem. The event is free and open to the public.



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