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Fall is the Ideal Time to Whack Those Weeds with Herbicide

Iowans who would love a lush, green lawn next spring need to get on the stick and start spraying those pesky weeds, pronto. Aaron Steil (STYLE), a consumer horticulture extension specialist at Iowa State University, says it you want to kill broadleaf weeds like dandelion and creeping Charlie, it’s much more effective to hit them now, in the fall.

There are plenty of weed killers for sale out there, both in liquid and pellet form, but Steil says be sure read the label carefully and see what you’re buying.

Iowans who took part in “No Mow May” events may be striving to use fewer — or no — chemicals on their yards.

Letting some of those non-grasses grow can add interest and colorful blooms throughout the year, he says. Plus, the blooms are particularly prolific in early spring when many other plants haven’t started to bloom, making them even more desirable to bees.


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