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Hancock County Board to Appoint Hola as K-9 Deputy

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors have moved their weekly meeting to 8am instead of 9am on Monday morning. The supervisors will begin by signing a proclamation honoring National 4H Week. The board will throw its support behind the recruiting activities of the group and herald the education it provides to Hancock County youth.

Hancock County Sheriff Rob Gerdes will ask that retired K-9 Deputy Mach have his ownership transferred from the county over to his handler to complete his retirement from the force. The board will then be asked to appoint Hola as a K-9 Deputy. The board must approve a resolution which authorizes the move.

Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders will ask the board to approve a change order for Drainage District 1 & 2. The South Main of the system has been under cleanout and repair. The board will also be asked to pay a tenth payment estimate on the project to Reutzel Excavating who is handling the project.

The board will also review an audit of the Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center for Fiscal Year 2021. They must also consider a quote for the 545 State Street Conference Room television screen.


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