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Forest City Council Begins Ward 1 Councilman Search

Ron Holland is now the new mayor of Forest City and this now leaves a vacancy in the Ward 1 seat which he left to assume the mayor’s role. As such, this puts the daunting task of either appointing or electing a new Ward 1 Councilman.

The Forest City Council heard the advice of their legal counsel, Reagan Peterson, who explained the replacement process.

Councilman Dan Davis forwarded the idea of appointing someone to fill the post and saving the taxpayers from having to pay for a special election.

The prospective candidate from Ward 1 would have to fill out a form and submit it to the city for consideration to be appointed by the council.

City Administrator Daisy Huffman reminded the council that they had previously discussed how they may handle the selection process.

Councilman Tony Mikes proposed that the council do what they have done in the past when these circumstances arose.

The council moved to remain with the present timeline and if there are five or less candidates, the personnel committee will review the applications, but if there are 6 or more, the review process will go to the council.





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