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Local Man is Crowned TOPS Iowa King

Weight loss for some is a concept. For others like Mason Citys’ Larry Faber, it is not only achievable, but it also actually happened. Larry was recently crowned TOPS Iowa King for his weight loss success, meaning he lost more weight than any other TOPS male member in the entire state and reached his goal weight.

Last year, Iowa TOPS members lost a total of 4,665 pounds. Larry attributes his weight loss success to the support he received from his fellow TOPS members, along with portion control and regular exercise.

TOPS has been fighting obesity since its founding in 1948. TOPS has tens of thousands of members – male and female, age seven and older, in its network of thousands of weight-loss support chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

Faber started his diet program at 314 pounds, but he learned about the program which he says, does not tell you how to diet.

Faber attends the Clear Lake chapter and continues to follow a sensible diet which he chooses. He also exercises on his bike, walks, and takes care of himself. Faber lost so much weight that he actually rode in the RAGBRAI event through Britt and into Mason City.

He admits that the meetings are fun, and he is the only male in the group. However, he encourages anyone who wants to lose the weight to just take a few simple steps to find the local chapter.



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