Summit Carbon Solutions Yet to Release Wright County Non-Participant List

Summit Carbon Solutions is intending to go through Wright County with a liquid carbon pipeline that is supposed to be buried under rights of way, drainage systems, and working farmland. According to several farmers, they have been threatened with eminent domain proceedings if the landowners do not cooperate.

The company has begun publishing a list of those who do not cooperate and will file it with the Iowa Board of Public Utilities. The board is set to rule on whether eminent domain proceedings can actually be used in these cases.

Wright County officials have yet to receive a list from Summit Carbon Solutions according to Wright County Supervisor Dean Kluss.

Kluss stated that he is continuing to monitor the situation and will apprise his fellow supervisors when a list is issued.

One key element in this whole matter is whether Summit Carbon Solutions can even be considered a utility. According to Supervisor Karl Helgevold, that also will be determined shortly by the Iowa Utilities Board.





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