Crop Progress Report Issued

The latest USDA crop report shows 73% of the corn crop is in good to excellent condition. That’s a three percent drop from one week ago. The condition of the soybean crop declined to show 71% good to excellent, which is down two percent from last week.

Many areas got some rainfall this weekend, but there was a wide variation in the amounts. National Weather Service meteorologist, Brad Small, says the biggest totals were in the north.

Things were a bit more sporadic in central Iowa.

Small says that’s typical of the summer thunderstorms, they move through quickly and we don’t get long periods of rain. One change following the storms is forecasters have revised the outlook that had the state moving back to the sweltering temperatures.

He says it’ll nice stretch of weather this week compared to what had been projected.

Small says the temperatures will be nice, but we aren’t likely to see more rain to help with the deficits.

The rainfall was beneficial for the area sending precipitation totals well above normal. The total precipitation received so far this month is 4.24 inches. The normal is 1.25 inches which means the area is 2.99 inches above normal.

Temperatures see the area 2.8 degrees higher than normal for highs and one degree below normal for lows. The average high has been 83 degrees while the normal is 80.2 degrees. The average low has been 59.6 degrees while the normal low is 60.6 degrees.



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