School Supply Issues Remain for Some North Iowa Students

Parents in the area are currently concerned with meeting the basic essentials such as food, gas, utilities, rent or house payments. Now parents are adding another expense to the budget which is school supplies. Luckily until 11:59pm Saturday, they can shop tax free for some of these items.

However, prices for these supplies have, like everything else, gone up. This will become a concern for some students who may not be able to afford them. No school in the area is without a child going through this issue.

Tina Henley is the Principal at the North Iowa Elementary School. She understands that this could be problematic.

Sometimes going without makes the child feel left out or lesser than the other students who have these materials to work with.

KIOW is holding a school supply drive with drop off locations at Weavers Leather Store in Buffalo Center, Dale’s Body Shop in Forest City, Holland Tire and Service in Forest City, or the Swallow Coffeehouse in Lake Mills. When students who cannot get the supplies they need, receive these donations, things change immediately.

The goal in the classroom is to make every child feel equal and prepared to participate according to Henley.




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