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Winnebago Board to Construct Social Services Agreement

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday at 8:30am which is earlier than the normal 9am start in order to accommodate The Winnebago County Attorney Kelsey Beenke. With her involvement in a series of court cases on Tuesday, the board had to make the exemption. The board is supposed to approve a 28E Agreement with North Iowa Area Community Action who is slated to assume social services for the county. The group that had previously handled social services, Winnebago-Hancock-Worth or WHW dissolved because each had gone to different social and mental health groups. Ruth Melby was the General Assistance Interim Director for WHW but will now direct mental health assistance for Winnebago County alone.  The board will make the official changeover of her duties after they have signed the agreement.

With the passing of Veterans Commissioner Byron Ruiter, the board must now make a difficult decision on who to replace him on the Veterans Affairs Commission Board. The board will look at candidates and possibly make a decision. They may also make a decision on who will be the next Township Clerk for King Township after the passing of that individual.

The board will hear from Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders on the current state of county secondary roads. He will outline any new projects and address those in progress. Winnebago County Drainage Clerk Kris Oswald will discuss current issues involving drainage lines in the county and upcoming projects.


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