WIT Rally Concludes a Successful Week

The 52nd Annual Winnebago WIT Grand National Rally concludes today with a number of activities and events. Travelers from across the United States and Canada are winding down the event and preparing for next year. Kelli Harms is with the Marketing Department of Winnebago Industries.

The event is meaningful for participants as it gives them an opportunity to bond with others, learn, and grow. Participants will take away a lot of information from this year’s event that can be useful in the year to come. For Winnebago Industries, the event has a number of meaningful purposes.

Winnebago Industries also takes a moment to better understand their customers through the use of the annual national rally.

When representatives from Winnebago Industries begin to work with their customers, they find that is the attention to detail that really makes a difference in future models.

Customers also become participants in various educational events and seminars.

While the event is winding down for this year, it won’t be long before the plans for the 53rd Grand National WIT Rally hit the drawing board according to Harms.

Kelli Harms and her team will take the vast amount of feedback and information that they gathered from rally participants, analyze and disseminate it accordingly, and begin to work on next year’s event.





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