Winnebago WIT Rally Continues

The Winnebago Grand National Rally continues now through the 21st on the Winnebago Rally Grounds in Forest City.  The highly anticipated annual event is staged by Winnebago Industries to gather Winnebago International Travelers or WIT members.  WIT was initiated for members to create friendships, receive special promotions, and take part in memorable events.

The Grand National Rally is celebrating its 51st year. The theme for this year’s rally is “Road Trip to Hawaii”. Hundreds of RV’s are parked on the grounds taking part in a number of activities and events. Terry and Pat Hopp arrived early to help coordinate and set up for their group.

Some of these rally members have to be early to set up for their groups. Others come from extended distances to participate in the rally and arrive several days early before the celebrations begin. Robert Wright comes from the eastern seaboard.

The Rally Grounds are nearly across the street from the factory where Winnebago RV’s and campers are manufactured. There is a dealership about two miles from the grounds which can also do repairs and tune ups.

For Wright, there are lots of activities that he likes to get involved in and it gives him a chance to get some needed repairs in.

Others have decided to make their Winnebago RV, their home. Nancy Robinson is a retired nurse from Port St. Lucie, Florida. She and her husband are one of those who have made the switch from brick and mortar to wheels and freedom.

Bea Dettman is from Sandwich, Illinois. She and her husband enjoy the comradery that is found among RV travelers, particularly at the rally.

The rally will conclude Thursday, but many of the members will remain through the weekend before departing across the country and into Canada.








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