Gaylord Wooge Enters the Hall of Fame

A former resident and businessman recently entered into the national Insurance Hall of Fame. Gaylord Wooge was a pioneer in RV insurance and created a means by which people could have a peace of mind on a significant investment in their lives. FCIS Insurance owner Courtney Wooge is his son and felt that this was a well-deserved honor.

Courtney, his brother, and his mother were there for the ceremony and accepted the honor on his behalf.

Gaylord was a pioneer in his industry and Wooge said that his father filled a need in the insurance business.

Because of this Gaylord set to work to try and find a solution. He also got a little prompting from an area manufacturer, Winnebago Industries.

In order for this to be successful, Gaylord had to take into account several factors that were critical for the insurance to be effective. According to Wooge, one insurance company stood out.

Gaylord then took it upon himself to drive from Forest City to Grand Rapids, Michigan to Foremost Insurance and ask to have a meeting. This meeting became very successful and led to the writing of RV insurance in its present form.

Since then, a number of companies have gotten into the RV Insurance business and Gaylord had to fight to maintain a foothold in the industry.

Courtney Wooge continues the proud tradition of his family in the RV insurance business and giving the area the unique distinction of yet another first.




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