North Iowa Outdoors: Kayaking Becoming Popular in the Area

Area lakes and rivers were busy during the Independence Day holiday and that is expected to continue throughout the summer — with many people trying their hand at kayaking. DNR river programs outreach coordinator, Todd Robertson, says you shouldn’t head out onto rivers without doing a little preparation.

This is why it isimportant to know the techniques of kayaking and canoeing

He says you have to be prepared for both ends of the spectrum from swollen lakes, to ones that are down.

Robertson says kayaks have been flying off the shelves the last couple of years.

He says the DNR has a kayak and canoe school you can access on their website on how to paddle. They also offer classes and Robertson says some retailers that sell boats that actually give short lessons. Robertson recommends before you buy a kayak or canoe that you rent one and they’ll give you some quick instruction. He says there are also a lot of online videos that can be helpful in learning about paddling.


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