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Motorcyclist Rescued in Kossuth County

The Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office received a missing person call from a family member while they were attending the ABATE Freedom Rally on July 2nd. The department then put out the call to officers to look for Daniel Dahl, age 39 from Rutland. His last known sighting was 11:30pm the night before at ABATE.

A few hours later after officers conducted an initial search, The Kossuth County Communications Officer contacted Dahl’s cell phone provider and asked if the company would “ping” Dahls cell phone. The locator found the phone in Livermore. Officers in Humboldt and Kossuth County then began an intensive search of the area and found Dahl in a deep ditch along with his wrecked motorcycle.

Dahl suffered from several fractures and internal injuries. They were believed to have been sustained sometime overnight or in the early morning of July 2nd. according to his family, he sustained life threatening injuries, but is expected to survive.


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