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Utility Companies are Upset with a Wright County Permit Meeting

The Wright County Board of Supervisors recently passed a reworked utility work permit resolution on fee structures and notification schedules for work on utilities in the county. The idea was simple according to Wright County Supervisor Dean Kluss.

The resolution called for when a permit would be required along with corresponding fee structures. The process and permit were based on an established permitting regulation according to Kluss.

In cases of simple repairs, no permit would be necessary, but a notification would be necessary.

Fee structures would be added in along with a notification of project times would be added in if the project was not a repair situation.

Lawyers for two of the utility companies have objected that they were never given a seat in the decision-making process. Colin Smith represents two of the utilities who would be affected by the new permit regulations. He feels that all utility cooperatives should be involved in any meetings that determine the language of revised new permit regulations.

The board has charged Wright County Engineer Adam Clemons to meet with the rural cooperative to fine tune fee schedules and notifications.



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