IUB Hears Concerns About Carbon Pipeline

An attorney for the Iowa Utilities Board says the staff is reviewing several items in Carbon Solutions’ proposal to construct approximately 681 miles of pipeline through Iowa to carry liquified carbon dioxide. A couple of people spoke during the public comment period of the IUB meeting about pipeline concerns. Cynthia Hansen and her siblings own a century farm in Shelby County in western Iowa.

Hansen had another concern as well.

She says two people have told her that their elderly family members in the nursing home have been approached multiple times by landowners or land agents, even though they have told them no. IUB chair Geri Huser told Hansen there is a way to deal with these issues.

She says the Board’s legal counsel would then review those filings to make a determination on how to proceed.

Hansen and another speaker asked about the number of landowners involved and how to get that information. They also expressed concern that last-minute changes would not allow them to take action before the proceedings began. Huser said they can talk with the IUB staff and get an update on the landowners, and the Board’s attorney said they will have all the information updated before moving forward.


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