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Rayhons Looks for Another Term as Hancock Supervisor

Gary Rayhons is asking for Hancock County voters to return him back to his seat on the Board of Supervisors. His reasons are simple.

Since his election to the office, Rayhons has tackled a number of issues from drainage to pipelines to roads. Some these have had a tremendous financial impact and Rayhons has had to gauge the effects of each decision.

Those who work with him have agreed of his willingness to learn about and act on issues before the county.

There are several issues that are before the county and some of these are very unpopular. Rayhons is working with county department heads and the other supervisors to come up with resolutions to these issues.

Many area farmers and landowners have approached Rayhons about drainage issues. some of these have been major repairs while others have been simple cleanouts.

Hancock County is more than just farming and Rayhons believes that business and industry has room to grow.

Rayhons wants to continue working with area authorities to continue to build upon the business and industry sectors while strengthening the two county school districts.






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