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Greiman Sees Growth and Opportunity in Hancock County

Florence Greiman or Sis as she is more commonly known is looking to continue the effort to keep taxes down, work with county residents, and promote business and industry growth. She believes in the county and its people.

With prices rising throughout the country and gas prices hitting new all-time highs, Greiman highlighted another positive about living and working in Hancock County which she has been part of bringing about.

Hancock County has over 160 drainage districts with applicable laws that are sometimes over a century old. Greiman and several others decided to do something about updating these laws.

The Hancock County Courthouse is in need of repairs despite the efforts to maintain it at a premium level. The current supervisors became concerned when leaks and cracks in the building became prevalent.

Another issue is in the area of emergency services. The county is looking into making Emergency Medical Services an essential service. Another push is better communications between all emergency services, law enforcement, and the county fire departments. In some locations, radio transmission is not available, and Greiman has heard from emergency Management about the need to improve communications through a new communications tower.

What has become a hot button issue is the proposed carbon pipeline which will run through Hancock County. An overwhelming majority of farmers and landowners are not in favor of the pipeline going through their property. In fact, only 14 landowners have turned over right of ways and easements to Summit Carbon Solutions who wants to construct the pipeline. Griman herself is leaning against the pipeline having taken time to educate herself on the subject.

Greiman has cited in meetings that the carbon produced from ethanol plant emissions can be used in everyday products and doesn’t have to be buried in the bedrock of the Dakotas.







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