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Wright County Board to Possibly Change Zoning Ordinance

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday beginning at 9am to first hold an open forum to allow residents to voice their opinion on current or proposed actions on issues. The public is also allowed to ask the board to look into issues they feel are important to the county. The board may not act on these but may schedule a future item on the agenda to discuss it.

At 9:15am Jay LeFavre of First Gabrielson Agency and members of the insurance committee will present the renewal on property insurance. They will also highlight workers compensation insurance.

The board is expected to take official action on Ordinance #64. This will replace a current ordinance on the books concerning planning and zoning regulations. Ordinance #5 is expected to be repealed in this third reading of the new ordinance.

The meeting will also feature Wright County Engineer Adam Clemons who will ask for guidance on awarding the fiscal year 2023 fuel bills and give the board an update on the current state of secondary roads.


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