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Winnebago VA Resolves Hancock County Veterans Issues

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors were apprised that their Veterans Affairs office was not only handling Winnebago County issues, but it appears they are also handling those from Hancock County.

Winnebago County Veterans Affairs Director Mary Lou Kleveland stated that these new cases began cropping up recently.

Kleveland stated that she had to go through the process of claim filing for the Hancock County resident.

From that point, things “began to snowball” in Klevelands words.

Kleveland will have to bill Hancock County for the hours she has already put in this past week which was approved by the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors.

Right now, Region Five which both Winnebago and Hancock Counties are a part of in the Veterans Affairs office system is extremely busy as three of the four offices have new directors. However, Kleveland is dedicated to getting the job done.

Kleveland was commended for the work she is doing by the board as she continues to work with area veterans.




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