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Winnebago Board to Review Master Matrix

At 9am, the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will take an in-depth look at the Winnebago County Veterans Affairs Department. They will hear from Mary Lou Kleveland who is in charge of the department as she will give her quarterly report. Then the board will take on a public purpose resolution concerning the department as a whole. This will be then followed by issues her department has had with the Hancock County Veterans Affairs Department. No details were pre-released to the public and a discussion on personnel matters will follow.

The board will take a vote on salary adjustments for the next fiscal year. They will also make appointments to various positions within the county.

Drainage District 92 has been discussed over the last two supervisory meetings. At issue is whether to change the drainage system that runs inside the confines of the Winnebago County Conservation area which might result in an improvement. All parties concerned have agreed to have an engineer review the situation. The board is expected to appoint an engineer from Jacobson-Westergard.

A proposed expansion of a hog confinement facility in the Grant Township will be discussed in a public hearing beginning at 9:30am. Residents near the facility will be given the opportunity to voice their opinion about the improvement before the board considers a master matrix for the site.


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