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Gudmundson Wants to be a Winnebago Supervisor

Marv Gudmundson is running for the seat currently held by 1st District Supervisor Terry Durby. He is a farmer who was inspired to get back into running for office.

Gudmundson demonstrates his conservatism through his stance on taxes.

One of the major responsibilities of a supervisor is to make sure secondary roads are drivable, especially during planting and harvest seasons.

Drainage issues are something Gudmunson knows well. Being a farmer, this is an area that becomes near to his heart and his business of farming. He is unafraid to voice his opinion on these matters except when it comes to projects not associated with his farm.

With recent shooting tragedies, discussion on mental health has come to the forefront. Winnebago County is transitioning to a new region and a new advocate. Gudmundson was asked if the county was doing a good job in providing good mental health programs to those in need.

Another issue at the forefront is how to improve emergency medical services. Currently volunteer staffing is extremely low in the county and those who are volunteering are working well over 40 hours each week. The county recently declared EMS to be an essential service. When asked about the situation, Gudmundson made it clear how he stood.

 Absentee in-person voting is going on at the Winnebago County Courthouse. Polls will open on June 7th. 



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