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Grassley on the Deepening Divide

U. S. Senator Charles Grassley took to the floor of the U. S. Senate to address what he calls the deepening divide between political parties.

When Democrats blew up the filibuster for nominees, Republicans warned that they would regret it when the tables were turned.

It seemed like such short-term thinking on their part.

But, I’ve said before that progressive ideology has many Democrats convinced that they are “on the right side of history” in the long run.

If you believe history is heading only in one direction, and that direction is your way, you don’t worry about the pendulum swinging back around.

That explains why they broke from 200 years of precedent to filibuster conservative judges nominated by President George W. Bush, and then expressed shock and outrage when their own precedent was used against them under President Obama.

That ideology also explains why Democrats can passionately defend the filibuster one day as a vital protection for the minority, then just months later, after taking control of a 50-50 Senate thanks only to the Vice President’s tie-breaking vote, call it racist.

The phrase “demography is destiny” as applied to politics today is another version of the progressive ideology.

The assumption here is that ethnic minorities that tend to vote Democrat are bound to do so forever.

So, they support an open border policy with a push for amnesty, even if it green lights human trafficking and let’s lethal fentanyl to pour into the bloodstreams of young people, driving down life expectancy in America.

Progressive Democrats assume more Hispanic citizens means more votes for them and a permanent majority.

But, just like the Irish and Italians, Hispanic citizens who have assimilated into the fabric of our nation do not vote as a bloc.

Maybe that’s why the left seems increasing desperate to stoke identity politics and racial division.

Such thinking leads to counterproductive calls to “Defund the Police” followed by a desperate attempt to do a 180 when crime spikes and the very communities they sought to pander to are suffering.

Remember how so many prominent Democrats felt compelled to defend and justify rioters they deemed to be on their side?

Now Democrats insist not just on prosecuting the January 6 rioters, as we should with all rioters, but on weaponizing that horrible day for political purposes.

They decry disinformation and conspiracy theories on the right about the election, while perpetuating them on the left.

Remember the absurd claim that because the postmaster general supported President Trump, absentee ballots wouldn’t be delivered?

It caused a lot of unnecessary worry for many Iowans who vote absentee.

Democrats call for supporting our elections, while touting false claims of systemic voter suppression, deeply undermining faith in our democracy.

Democrats do not support America’s democratic institutions for their own sake.

Because if they are convinced they are not just right, but “on the right side of history,” institutions are only worth preserving so long as they can be used to advance their agenda.

You cannot have respectful disagreement with someone “on the wrong side of history,” you demonize them.

This kind of thinking pits neighbor against neighbor and drives wedges through communities. This sense of division comes up in every one of my 99 county meetings. Iowans are fed up with this poison.


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