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Scammers Target Area Residents

Area residents are being preyed upon once again by phone scammers. This time, residents in Kanawha were made to believe they had won a large monetary prize. Rick Birkenholtz and his wife were contacted by a woman who claimed she represented Publishers Clearing House.

The Birkenholtzes were skeptical and would not put much faith into the call. So, they proceeded cautiously according to Rick.

According to Birkenholtz, the scammer on the other end appeared to want his wife to buy a money card.

To make appearances out to be deceiving, the Birkenholtzes were directed to a website.

According to Birkenholtz, that is when the solicitor stated that there was a $499 service charge to claim the prize.

The Birkenholtz story is not uncommon. Scammers will get you to believe you have won a large monetary prize, but in order to claim it, you have to go and buy a gift card for a requested amount of money. They will then ask you for the number on the card and obtain the cash you put into the card.

No legitimate prize company operates in this manner and the State Attorney General cautions that if you receive this call, hang up and contact their office immediately. Never give out any personal information, credit card numbers, bank numbers, or vital information as this can be used against you.




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