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Winnebago County Approves Road Paving Project

Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders presented a bid for $1.6 million to pave County Road 95 between A 16 and R 74. The estimated cost was less than the sole bid for the project. The money to pay for it would come from a Farm to Market fund which the county uses to improve or repair county held roads.

Last week Supervisors asked Meinders to explore other alternatives or table the paving until it can be paired with other paving projects to try and bring down the cost.

Meinders returned on Tuesday to answer several questions regarding the project.

When the engineering estimate was made, it came in at just over $1 million dollars, however the bid from Heartland Asphalt was around $1.6 million. This caused some concern on the part of the board about the disparity. Meinders went back to work on his end to try and reassure the board.

The board wanted to explore alternatives the first time this project and its sole bid were brought up. The board discussed the option of patching it until it could be paired with other paving projects. Meinders answered those concerns too.

Meinders mentioned that the patching was only a temporary fix. He did offer another alternative for the board to consider.

The board weighed all of the options and decided to move forward with the Heartland Asphalt bid which means that the road will be paved before fall.




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