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Guth’s Senatorial District Changes Away from Forest City

There will be a new state senator representing Winnebago and Kossuth Counties in the next legislative session. State Senator Dennis Guth had his district change boundaries after the latest census.

Guth will now serve the southern edge of Forest City located in Hancock County and progress much further south than his last jurisdiction.

Many in the area were used to Guth and what he stood for. That will change now because of changes in population to the area.

Guth will represent three counties where he will be a new face. However, he is not the only new face on the state political scene there.

Redistricting led to a lot of changes in some districts while there was very little in others. Guth was spared having to runoff against anyone else to maintain a seat. That wasn’t the case elsewhere.

Guth will remain as the State Senator of Winnebago, Kossuth, and Emmet County until January of 2023.






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