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Winnebago Supervisors Hear from North Iowa Community Action

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors are moving forward with selecting an advocate for county social service programs. Originally, the county teamed with both Worth and Hancock County in this endeavor, but those counties chose to pursue different opportunities leaving Winnebago County to go alone with theirs.

Cindy David, Executive Director North Iowa Community Action Group, stepped forward with a proposal to have her group handle the advocate work.

The scope of social services is very broad, but David assured the board that her group has the capability to handle the task.

Most everyone is dealing with skyrocketing heating bills. For those with low-income households, these bills can become unmanageable. David stated that her group has programs available to provide assistance.

David admitted that there were areas where her group did not have programs readily available.

Supervisor Terry Durby invited David to come in and explain how her group essentially performed the same tasks previously handled by the three-county group. David explained that the programs they advocate for have requirements.

The supervisors have not approved North Iowa Community Action as the county social service advocate yet. The county will continue with the three-county alignment until the beginning of June. They will then make a decision on which route to take.





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