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Grassley on the Women’s Health Protection Act

U. S. Senator Charles Grassley took to the U. S. Senate floor to address the controversial Women’s Health Protection Act.


“I’d like to speak about extreme legislation being pushed by the Democrats: The Women’s Health Protection Act.

Democrats are using a leaked Supreme Court draft, not even a final decision, as an excuse to push radical legislation that goes beyond public opinion or common sense on abortion. This bill goes much further than codifying the Roe v. Wade decision.

As Ranking Member on Senate Judiciary Committee, I’ve raised many concerns over this legislation. The so-called Women’s Health Protect Act would invalidate hundreds of abortion-related laws, such as: clinic regulations, admitting privileges requirements, regulations on abortion-inducing drugs, reflection periods, conscience protections, sex-selection bans and limitations on the use of state funds and facilities for abortion training.

Iowa and many other states have taken action on their own to enact commonsense restrictions. I don’t think this bill is commonsense because it allows late-term abortions, which would be up to the day of birth.

They have protected individuals from having to perform abortions against their own religious beliefs. We can’t stand by as those commonsense laws are under attack by Democrats.

The bill before us would invalidate these state laws and would allow abortion providers to set the standard of care for their patients with no oversight from the states. It would allow health care workers to determine when a life is viable, which will lead to inconsistent practices across the country and endanger the lives of mothers everywhere.

If the bill before us were to be signed into law, the federal government would send a message to states that enacting laws to protect patients and regulate the health and welfare of their citizens is not their right. It would allow Congress to intrude on state’s authority and nullify life-saving laws on the books. It would invalidate the police powers of the state under the 10th amendment.

In addition, this bill establishes no private right for women harmed by abortions. How can we as a Congress stand up and say we’re protecting women when really this bill disregards any loss of life of babies, including full term infants and even some mothers?

Democrats claim this bill is a necessary and moderate step. How can a sweeping piece of legislation that would overrule dozens of state laws and establish terminating a pregnancy as the only option be classified as “moderate?”

It’s unfortunate that the majority is using this issue to appear compassionate and concerned about women’s rights when, in reality, the bill disregards popular and commonsense laws that protect women and children across the country. Large majorities of Americans support strong abortion restrictions that this bill would overturn.

I understand and appreciate the robust debate around this subject. However, I am uncomfortable with the rhetoric of some of my colleagues. They refuse to discuss important priorities of what the American people want and only want to push one extreme option.

Let me be clear, abortion should not be promoted as the default contraception and family planning tool. Let’s have a productive discussion on what can be done to support women and families.

It’s important to be open with our colleagues and peers on differences, but we must unite to protect life because every single life is precious.

The Women’s Health Protection Act is an extreme bill that completely disregards human life. I intend to vote against the motion to proceed to this legislation.”


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