Worth County Fair Preparations See Few Changes

Two years ago, the pandemic shut down most outdoor events and public gatherings. It altered how people enjoyed their favorite county fairs because many went to a virtual setup. This year, because of the bird flu outbreak, poultry displays, and competitions will be online and take place after the fair is done.

Worth County ISU Extension Specialist Dennis Johnson reaffirmed that there will be some changes this year, but not many.

It appears that fairgoers will be returning in large numbers to area county fairs and Johnson feels that the Worth County Fair will be one of those events.

Exhibitors are also returning to the area fairs and Johnson can see the uptick just by the number of people who have entered into competitions.

Johnson believes that the dairy cattle exhibition will be an eye opener for both the participants and the spectators because of the near record number of entrants into the field. While that is seeing a large number of entries, lambs and sheep are not seeing a big increase.

Johnson expects to see attendance increase as more people get out to enjoy the outdoors. The fair will take place in mid-June in Northwood.






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