North Iowa Outdoors: No Mow May to Help Pollinators

Cold, wet weather is keeping many Iowans from mowing their lawns, but some are swearing off the chore for the entire month as a way to help out tiny yet vital pollinators. Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green is leading by example through taking part in No Mow May as bees emerge from dormancy and need flowering plants as crucial foraging habitats — even though he was scared of getting stung as a kid.

Cedar Falls residents are encouraged to limit or skip their lawn mowing during May, and the city council voted to not enforce the ordinance requiring eight-inch-tall grass and weeds to be cut for the month. In his proclamation, Mayor Green calls No Mow May a “community science initiative.”

Iowans who take pride in their landscaping may be slow to come around to the idea, and Green admits he was initially hesitant to get onboard. He says it took a mind shift.

City residents are encouraged to register their intent -not- to mow as well as the size of their yards. Some are posting signs to let neighbors know, they’re not being lazy, they’re helping promote pollinator-critical habitat.


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