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RAGBRAI Mason City Seeking Community Hosts

With approximately 15,000 RAGBRAI-affiliated riders expected on July 27th’s visit to Mason City, the RAGBRAI Mason City housing committee is looking for locals to provide various space to riders on the visit. In need from the community are hosts who can provide parking for motor homes, space for tents, floor space, bed and/or bathroom facilities.
Hosts are only expected to provide a place for riders to rest their heads for the night. This space can be either provided inside or outside. Residents are not required to entertain guests, provide amenities, transport or feed the riders. Riders are expected to arrive in town beginning mid-afternoon on Wednesday, July 27. They will leave the following morning and be back on the road by 9 a.m.

RAGBRAI Mason City will use the ‘Mason City Housing Match’ Facebook group to match locals and riders. This monitored group details important rules, instructions, and expectations for hosts and guests. Steven Van Steenhuyse, Campgrounds & Housing Committee Co-Chair explains the use of social media in organizing overnight stays.

To access the Facebook group and sign up for housing services, visit:
A traditional application is also available on the RAGBRAI Mason City website housing information page for hosts and riders that do not use Facebook.

All riders requesting housing must provide a wristband number as proof of their official RAGBRAI registration. If a rider is unregistered, that means they have not signed the RAGBRAI Waiver and Release of Liability. Therefore, anyone in the community who houses unregistered riders opens themselves to full liability.

Those who wish to volunteer their homes or yards to riders are under no hard deadline to apply according to Steenhuyse.

For additional information on RAGBRAI Mason City, visit
RAGBRAI Mason City is a collaborative partnership between Main Street Mason City and Visit
Mason City. Its organizing committees are comprised of local volunteers.


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