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Ernst, Coons Push Effort to Cut Red Tape, Lower Costs, Expedite Food Aid

U.S. Senators Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) are pushing an effort to reduce bureaucratic red tape, lower costs, and expedite food aid to Ukraine and other countries affected by Putin’s unjust invasion. Ernst and Coons’ bipartisan resolution would temporarily waive a requirement under current law mandating 50 percent of U.S. food aid exports to be shipped on U.S. flagged vessels.

 “Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe, and Putin’s unjust, unprovoked invasion is causing a humanitarian crisis and threatening global food security. We need to take immediate action to expedite delivery of food aid to our friends and partners around the world and this temporary, narrowly-crafted measure will allow the United States to flow aid faster, and save taxpayer dollars and countless lives around the world,” said Senator Ernst.

 “In what was once considered the breadbasket of Europe, Ukrainian farmers can’t plant or harvest their crops without risking death at the hands of Russian shelling. The consequences of Russia’s brutal invasion on food supplies are being felt across the world today, and when tens of millions of lives depend right now on the swift, effective delivery of American food aid, we can’t allow our emergency response to be held up by red tape that forces us to spend more money on shipping our food aid than on the food itself,” said Senator Coons.


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