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Winnebago Supervisors to Discuss Social Services Re-Alignment

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors have an important discussion ahead of them on Tuesday morning. They will meet beginning at 9am by first discussing the termination of a 28E Agreement between them and Hancock and Worth counties. The agreement allows for the formation of the WHW Social Services group that shared social services programs with their citizens. Since the counties are now deciding on different ways to serve their citizens, the agreement no longer applies. Winnebago County Supervisors are exploring a different means to administer their social service program which includes the payee program, relief guidelines, and resourcing.

The board must also review the Public Health Building and what actions to take going forward. The building is planned for expansion through the use of American Rescue Plan funding allotted to the county. Now an RFP or Request for Planning must be explored and the North Iowa Area Council of Governments or NIACOG will advise the board on the best course of action.

The board is set to accept a bid from Heartland Asphalt Company in the amount of $1,678,204.64 for specified paving projects in the county. Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will be given authorization to move forward on the contract by the board for paving on A16 and on R74.


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