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Wright County Board to Discuss Legal Representation

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to get an update on COVID 19 infections in the county along with any hospitalizations.

The board will then hear from Wright County Attorney Eric Simonson who is asking the board to consider an appointment of an attorney in post-conviction relief court proceedings due to recusal by his office.

With the recent rains in the area and temperature swings, the Wright County Secondary Road Department is busy looking at needed repairs and possible grading of secondary roads. Wright County Secondary Roads Engineer Adam Clemons will report to the board regarding these and other issues with the roads.

Wright County Treasurer Peggy Schluttenhofer will go before the board to ask for an abatement of taxes on a building on leased land. The problem is that the building is no longer there, and the taxes are no longer collectable. The board must abate the taxes in order to halt future collections.

The board will also consider taking action on a 28E Agreement with Healthy Harvest of North Iowa.


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