Lego Robotics Returns to the Forest City YMCA

It has become one of the most anticipated programs at the Forest City YMCA and it is returning again this year. Lego Robotics allows children to be creative and competitive and according to YMCA Activities Director Tony Reynolds, more and more children are getting involved.

The program challenges participants to design and build robots to perform a certain task. From there the designs can grow to do other tasks which the participants put together. According to Reynolds, the participants are having a lot of fun.

Some of these tasks are simple like picking things up or moving small objects from one location to another. Still others are more complex.


Reynolds believes that the children in the program should be free to be as creative as possible and allow them to explore the vast capabilities of robotics.

Those who would like to challenge their children to be inventive and learn problem solving can contact the Forest City YMCA at (641) 585-5220 to enroll them in Lego Robotics beginning early September.







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