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Forest City to Flush its Water System

Weather permitting, the City of Forest City water system will be flushed May 9th to May 20th, 2022 from 7 am – 4 pm starting on the NORTH side of I street and continuing on until all areas on the north side of I street are done. The SOUTH side of I street will be flushed after the north side is done.
Be advised of changes in water quality during this period. The water may be discolored in some areas for a period of time once the mains have been flushed. Water utility customers are advised to refrain from doing laundry from 7am-6pm, since the discolored water may stain clothing. The public is advised not to park near or across from fire hydrants during this period.
The periodic flushing of the water system is performed to ensure high quality water and to test the fire protection system. The Forest City Water Utility would like to thank its customers in advance for their cooperation and regrets any inconvenience.


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