PETA Calls for Livestream Slaughterhouse Cameras at Prestage Foods

Following a just-released federal report documenting that a pig crawled 90 feet after having been shot twice in the head at Prestage Foods of Iowa outside Eagle Grove, PETA fired off a letter to the company’s general manager and vice president, Terry O’Rourke, urging him to livestream video from the slaughterhouse in order to help prevent workers from mishandling more animals.
Colin Henstock is the Assistant Manager of Investigations for PETA. He cites numerous examples of what PETA terms as cruelty to animals.

An April 6th incident follows other recent violations at the slaughterhouse according to Henstock.

Still another alleged incident occurred involving another pig to be slaughtered

PETA alleges that the conscious pig endured the machinery before emerging to be slaughtered.


The report states that, “an establishment barn employee was preparing a hand-held captive bolt (HHCB) device for stunning of a hog standing on all four feet next to him near the gate to pen 230. He positioned the HHCB device captive bolt and made an initial stunning attempt. The hog was conscious, standing still and appeared dazed but did not go down. In-Plant Inspection personnel (IPP) went and examined the head, and the skin was not broken. On the second stun attempt with the same HHCB device, it went off and the bolt penetrated the head. The hog dropped to its stifles and hocks and was conscious and began to move away from the employee. The hog could not walk and was crawling and dragging itself on its hocks and stifles and maneuvered itself from the front alley gate of pen 230 to the entry of the non-ambulatory pen, which is approximately ninety (90) feet. IPP
called for assistance, who was nearby. took the HHCB device from the employee, who had reloaded it and used this same captive bolt to perform the third stun which rendered the animal unconscious.”
The report cites that the observations detailed above indicate an egregious violation of the humane handling requirements specified within the provisions of the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA)
PETA alleges that workers also confined panting pigs without water and herded them so aggressively that one climbed over a barricade and fell onto his or her head.
PETA is calling on Prestage Foods to livestream its slaughter operations so everyone can see what is actually happening.
PETA has also asked O’Rourke to report the involved personnel to local law-enforcement officials and permanently reassign staff referenced in the federal reports to positions that don’t involve having contact with live animals.
Prestage Foods has resumed operations after the investigation but has not responded to calls for livestreaming according to Henstock.

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